Security Tips

  1. Maintain a safer home environment by ensuring all your doors and windows work appropriately, and have adequate locking installed.
  2. All entrance doors should have a solid core.
  3. Install a deadlock on all external doors.
  4. Install a door viewer on front door.
  5. Have the locks installed by a qualified and licenced locksmith.
  6. Deadlock all doors and windows when away from the property.
  7. Identify your valuables by engraving your drivers’ license number.
  8. Photograph and record the serial numbers of all valuables.
  9. Invest in an external motion sensor system to trigger a main external light to light up your front door.
  10. Report any suspicious activity, including description of suspects and vehicle registration numbers.
  11. Ask friends and neighbours to keep an eye on your home when on holidays or away for any length of time.
  12. Locks should have their combinations changed after you move in.
  13. Keep ladders away from windows.
  14. Store garden tools in a locked shed or garage so they cant be used for tools to break in.
  15. If you leave a spare key outside, be creative. Burglars routinely check under flowerpots and welcome mats and on door and window ledges.

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